Get Ready!

Training for special education success!

Get Ready for your BEST IEP meeting ever! Parents of children who are receiving special education services, whether you are new or have been around the block, we invite you join us at a Get Ready Training. Learn how to become a more effective member of your child’s IEP team.    

Topics include:

• The “rules’ and why they are important • Never under estimate the value of the evaluation • Developing and using the IEP • Problem solving and teamwork – we are on this journey together!

Comments from participants of the training sessions include:

• I wish I could have attended this sooner. • All parents of students in special ed should be required to take this class. • I learned a lot – excellent workshop.


Sign up today:

• Bring a Get Ready Training to your school or group. • Contact Arc Midstate today to request a training. • Check our website calendar for schedule. Call for details or to register call Arc Midstate 320.251.7272 or send us an e-mail.