Additional Workshops

  Arc Midstate offers additional training opportunities such as these listed below. Call 320.251.7272 or email for additional details.  

Red Flags:

Developmental Delays or Individual Differences? Can we talk? Receive tools for monitoring the development of all children and specifically for children of concern. Learn to relate your concerns to parents and caregivers in a comfortable and supportive setting. Find out about great local resources to support you and the children you care for including free and low-cost opportunities.    

Person Centered Thinking Training -

Arc Midstate offers a two-day, interactive training for acquiring and practicing effective person centered thinking skills, centered on how to discover and balance what is important for a person. These approaches respectfully address issues of health and safety, from a variety of perspectives, and create an opportunity for the people we serve to share their hopes and dreams. Training offered to groups ranging from 10-20 participants.    

What’s Up with Down Syndrome?

A thorough overview of Down Syndrome a genetic birth defect, which occurs in 1 out of 691 births according the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS). Sort fact from fiction – myths about Down Syndrome, health concerns, stubborn is as stubborn does, and self talk when to worry.    

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

FASD is more prevalent than Autism and Down Syndrome combined, yet most people are unaware of the impact of FASD on society. Most people with FASD look "normal" and most have average IQs, but they have damage to their brains that affects their learning and behavior. This workshop will explore the "invisible disability" of FASD and give strategies that promote success in the home, classroom and community for the affected child.