Sibsday Events

Sibsday Events Celebrating Siblings! Sibsday Group 1 Sibsday Group - 2 Sibsday Group - 3 With the exception of mothers, siblings spend more time with children who have special needs than any other family member. The sibling relationship is the longest-lasting relationship in the family. For this reason Arc Midstate has conducted Sibsday events for over twenty years recognizing and celebrating the unique role that siblings play in the life of their brother or sister with special needs. Sibsday events are held quarterly and include a wide variety of interactive and team building games to help the children get to know each other and have fun. Events also include a time for sharing the joys, frustrations and challenges of having a sibling with a special need. Beka Swisher has served as the coordinator for Sibsday events for five years. Beka has a sister with life long special needs and knows first hand the challenges and rewards of having a special sib. Kirby Daubanton who has two brothers with ASD, was involved as a participant for several years and now volunteers as an assistant and is an outstanding role model.   Arc Midstate Sibsday events are open to children ages 7 – 12 years who have a sibling with a special need living in Stearns, Benton, Morrison or Todd counties. For more information please e-mail us or call 320.251.7272 / 877.251.7272.